Name: Alfredo La Salle Display | for Stores
Seller: Alfredo La Salle
Category: man
Sub category: Shirts

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CAMICIAJO ALFREDO LA SALLEItalian Licensed Shirt TailorB2B Alfredo La Salle is presenting an innovative product to men’s fashion boutiques: the “New Generation” Custom Shirt 2.0, which keeps up tradition while introducing a high level of innovation in both production and the commercial system.ALFREDO LA SALLE ShirtsA replicable, high-functional product that guarantees great quality at fair prices, thanks to our “sumisurasemplificato” (simplified custom-made) production system. Our "sumisurasemplificato" shirts are hand cut, tailored within 15 business days: our effective adjustments provide an optimal wearability, easily satisfying customers whose shoulder/neck ratio or shoulder/height ratio are not in proportion, notably very tall men who normally experience issues with shirt sleeves and overall length. ALS shirts go beyond all custom shirt’s limits of wearability and customizing, easily adapting to the body shape of each customer: this is why boutiques who are keen on improving their offer to the customer without turning to a licensed tailor out of the store or weighting on the stock would find them especially appealing.The ALS Display is a small showroom fully dedicated to Alfredo La Salle Shirts. There you will have the chance to see them first-hand in all parts: fabrics, collars, cuffs, buttons and monograms. Thanks to our try on pieces, the customer will have the opportunity to choose the best fit and combination of details to get the perfect shirt!OUR SERVICE TO RETAILERS:- Free product assistance and training - Totem supplying, try on pieces, informational brochures and packaging- Access to your personal reserved area on ALS website, where you can check and manage your orders- Dedicated marketing offer- Exclusive rights in your local area- Express service: shirts tailored within 5 business daysContact us for more information! Send an e-mail to or visit our website
Size Standard
Colour Black
Season all seasons
Composition 1 Display : Totem supplying, try on pieces, informational brochures and packaging
Price Partnership
Quantity 1