Name: WHITE POPLIN SHIRT Alfredo La Salle
Seller: Alfredo La Salle
Category: man
Sub category: Shirts

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Only for e-commerce Alfredo La Salle proposes a shirts selection with sizes. The same quality and fabrics of made to measure shirts - handcrafted and hand-cut tailoring - but a faster product to ship. This shirt is the perfect transitional piece that can be worn to any formal event as well as to the office. -100% long fiber cotton - Italian Collar - Round Cuff | Convertible – easily switch to cufflinks - Motherpearl buttons - Slim Fit | Pinces on back
Size 38 | 39 | 40 | 41 | 42 |43
Colour White
Season all seasons
Composition 100% long fiber cotton
Price 130,00
Quantity 1