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FashionConnectors is a professional innovative platform especially developed for companies in the fashion industry throughout the supply chain (from manufacturers of basic and auxiliary materials to final customers). It also includes an information and advertising website, which is propagated in more than 10 countries, as well as an Online Market Place, which can be used by all of our partners. It is convenient and extremely useful for both large and small and medium enterprises. It is also suitable for studios and freelancers who are engaged in B2B and B2C business in the field of fashion or who want to create such from now on. The platform offers a large range of services for improvement and development of your business. The platform provides you with opportunities that seemed difficult or impossible to implement until now. Such example are the stores that want to sell their own collections and this is now possible though FashionConnectors. The stores will have the opportunity to compare and to order fabrics and accessories directly from manufacturers as well as to find the proper manufacturers for their collections through the platform. This option allows the stores to order more often and in smaller quantities, thus they will be able to release liquid assets and to increase their profits. By controlling sales and demand more easily, all who are oriented in this direction will not suffer more loss of earnings due to out-of-stock products or unsold quantities. The platform is flexible and allows you to offer or to find everything you need in real time. FashionConnectors guarantees complete confidentiality in communications and protects its subscribers from dumping and price speculations. Communications and agreements with your potential contractors are implemented directly through the platform. Business is dynamic and that is the reason you should be able to quickly and easily find information and suitable partners from around the world to facilitate and develop your business. Thanks to the innovative platform FashionConnectors all this is now possible !

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